Ben 10 Quad 1

Saving the world is really hard work since you need to put your life in danger. It is true that Ben can transform into a powerful aliens, but it doesn’t mean that he can do all things as he needed some help most of the time. Luckily, he got some friends who he can rely upon. At least, he knows that he would be in safe hand when the time comes. But, it doesn’t meant that he doesn’t know how to have some fun since he really know how to have fun and for an adrenaline junky like him, one of the few things that would make him happy is something that could raise his adrenaline. That is why, he chooses to participate in motorbike races.

The idea in this game is to reach the finish line safely. You would need to drive your quad bike all over the obstacles. You need to make sure that can make it through the obstacles. It won’t be easy, but that is the challenge that you need to overcome. You need to be in control of the bike at all times so that it won’t get out of hand. The game gets harder and challenging as you make some progress.

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