Ben 10 Gold Miner

Like many others, Ben would want to be rich as he wants to buy many things, but because of his activity as the protector of the world, he isn’t able to find a regular job that would earn him some money. His best bet is to hit the jackpot and find a huge sum of treasure. Of course, we all know that it is almost impossible in these days, but Grandpa Max has some connections and he shared his secret with Ben. It is among the few mining field that only a few knew of so, it is not yet fully explored. There is a big chance that Ben can find a huge gold in the area.

In this game, you are going to mine some gold deep on earth and you need to pull it out as fast as possible since you have a timer and you are only limited to the time that you got. You need to make the amount of money indicated at the upper portion of the screen. Other than gold, there are some bag of cash, diamonds and regular rocks. Of course, the rocks won’t sold high in the game despite it would be hard to pull.

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