Ben 10: Horse

The world is in peril as the princess got abducted by aliens. It looks like they’re going to hold her for ransom. Who know what else they got plans for her as those aliens seems pretty nasty. The king can’t think of something good right now his daughter is in deep trouble. He had called all his men and they can’t do anything against those aliens. Those aliens are much too powerful for the likes of the king’s army. He would need the help of someone who has the power of an alien to retrieve the princess. Thankfully, Ben arrive at the scene of the crime and promises to retrieve the princess.

This game is played with a mouse and keyboard. You would need to reach the princess in good time, but that would be a long run. For now, you would need to overcome the obstacle on your path. Make sure that you press the button on the right time so that you can pass through those hurdles with ease. The game seems to get harder and harder as you make some progress. Better try to overcome the obstacle or you won’t reach the princess at all. Are you ready for the challenge up ahead?

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