Avengers Hero Vs Alien Robots

The aliens are determined to make Earth their new home and so, they have called in the robots to fight for them. Ben Tennyson can’t stop the robots as they are far stronger. He needs some help and the Avengers step in to save the day. Those guys would not back off from a fight and would surely have the strength and numbers to defend the world against the alien robots. These robots are far from the robots that are used in the daily activity of humans. The alien robots are smarter, stronger and have enough fire power to eradicate anyone opposing them.

Move the superheroes separately or together to push crates, hop on elevators, and destroy the robot army! Explore the room together to find something. You need your heroes to work together or you won’t get far in this game. If you want to go to the next level, you need to send both of your heroes in the front door. Take note that each heroes need to be controlled in this game and you could move them separately or all at once. It depends upon your strategy. As you move from one level to another, you would find out that the game gets more exciting and harder.

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