Ben 10: Fight 2

Ben has the ability to transform into an alien and when a group of gangster aim to rob a bank, he immediately respond to stop them. They aren’t ready since they never did see anything like that before. They got caught by surprise as no one could fight Ben. The enemies was outmatch, so he become notorious among the gangsters. Nobody could identify the alien at first since Ben wasn’t that popular that time, but soon enough, everyone knows Ben. That is how Ben become popular and it might not be a wise move to show his powers since others would be aware. Those crooks can do some harm to his family.

In this game, there are bad guys all over the town and you need to take care of them. You can do that without transforming into an alien, but an alien transformation would make things much easier. You can just throw some fire balls at them without getting too close. Besides, you might get hurt if you are too close. Also, in this game, you can only us Heatblast and that would not last for a long time. You need to keep on moving to reach the end. The game gets more intense as you make some progress.

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