Ben 10: Cave Adventure

When an alien strikes, you know who to call. Well, there are a lot of names in the directory, but if you want someone who specialize in dealing with aliens. You need to call in Ben since his the guy who have the Omnitrix. He have been dealing with the paranormal since he was ten years old. Now that he is older, he can transform into more than 10 aliens at a time. Just saying that he is more experience and is more powerful right now. So, if you have a problem with those aliens, you know who to call in. Aliens are seen around a cave and it looks like they were planning something nasty so Ben was called in to investigate.

In this game, the idea is to get rid of those aliens inhabiting the cave. You need a blaster to do that. You need to make your way all the way to the alien’s lair. It means facing all those deadly traps set out by who knows who. If you are able to navigate the cave without a problem then you would find the alien there and you need to get rid of them. After that, you may head on to the next door and to the next level.

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