Ben 10: New Adventure

The aliens are planning a massive invasion and they have kidnapped Gwen to make sure that you won’t stop them. But, this is bigger than Ben’s cousin. If she had to go to able to save the world, Ben can’t do anything about that. It is a tough decision, but Ben knows that there would be no more left when the aliens win. He rides on a spaceship and started blasting the aliens from space. Ben knows that he needed to blast them right off the sky as that is the only way to stop a massive invasion. This would be ahrd as Ben knows those alien would never stop and also, they are too many of them for Ben to handle.

This game is played with a mouse and the idea is not to let any of those chips to reach the planet. Each ship that reached the planet would damage the planet. When the planet can’t take it anymore then you lose the game. Some ships are forming a ball to double their chances of reaching the planet, but you need to shoot all of them down. There are no other levels n this game, so if you lose then the game is simply over. When you finished the game, there won’t be another level.

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