Ben 10 Tow Truck Game

Ben is the young boy who found the Omnitrix in the woods and has since then be able to use the Omnitix. With the device, he is able to do some good deeds as he can transform into more than 10 different aliens at a time. But, the problem still remains as he needs to get a job to be able to help provide for his family. Being a hero is not enough to provide for your family. You need to work like the rest of the people. No, it doesn’t give you the right to harass others into giving some money. Fortunately, that is not Ben and he is willing to work very hard to make things work. That was his father thought him when he was a kid and now that he is all grown up, he will stay that way. Looking for a job, he got hired as a truck driver and now, his job is to tow those broken vehicles on the road.

In this game, all you need to do is to drive the truck to the finish line. You need to make sure that the vehicle at the back of the truck won’t fell. The game gets harder and more challenging as you make some progress.

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