Ben 10 Survivor 2

When Ben got the Omnitrix, he became one of the most powerful warrior in the universe. He is formidable and most enemies won’t want to mess with him. But, he have a weakness as he can only stay in his alien form for a limited time period. Once that he is in human form, he is defenseless. When a group of aliens attack the world, Ben needs to step in, so he brought a few laser gun. Ben would need these sine he can’t stay as an alien forever. That is the only way that he can fight toe to toe with aliens.

In this game, the idea is to kill the aliens. You have a gun in this game and so you need to use it. The problem is that it won’t last forever. You would need to avoid any conflict while you don’t have a gun. Don’t worry as there are several guns in the game, so you won’t need to fear long. This game is played with a keyboard and so you would need the hand in your keyboard all the time. Each level is packed with action. The game gets more exciting and thrilling as you play the game.

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