Ben 10 Snow Rider Game

It is snowing hard outside the house, but Ben wants to go outside to practice his biking skills. He would need it as he wants to participate in an event. He need to improve his skill to win the event and win the prize money. His family needs it and he don’t want to disappoint them just because he don’t practice enough. There are no aliens today, well, at least, there are no aliens causing trouble to the world and Ben wants to use this time to practice outside the house. This is dangerous since it is snowing and the road would be slippery.

In this game, the idea is to travel down the snowy path and det to the finish line. This is dangerous since the road is covered with snow and it would be slippery. One wrong move and you would get out of the course. You need to get to the finish line in as fast as you can. The game gets harder and more challenging as you make some progress. One wrong move and you would surely crash. You need to focus on controlling Ben as he need to reach the finish line in one piece. If you can’t do that in one attempt then there is no need to worry since you have an unlimited life here.

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