Ben 10: Truck Smash Game

Ben Tennyson was investigating an anomaly one way when he noticed that some of the rocks are moving. It turns out that they are golem and they would surely create some havoc on the road if Ben can’t do something about it. None of his alien transformation can do the job since the golems are too hard to handle. He needed something bigger than those golems and one thing comes to his mind. He would need a truck, but not just any ordinary truck. Good thing his grandpa Max is good at building things since he was able to build the truck that can withstand all those golems. With the help of the truck, Ben plows those golems from the road.

In this game, the idea is drive your truck until you reach the finish line. You would need to reach the finish line. There are so many of those golems down the road and they would try to stop you. Your best bet I to avoid collisions. Well, at least, try to avoid some of them as you would surely crashed if you are going to crash into all of them. Collect some power sphere since those are the key to upgrading your truck.

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