Ben 10: Boat Race Game

Everyone knows how brave Ben is as he is able to go to toe with some of the strongest and fiercest alien in the universe. Yes, he is able to defeat some of them. Yes he is the man when it comes to fighting aliens as we don’t have no one that is willing to do that except for them. However, life is not about fighting and proving that you are the best. At some point we would get tired of what we are doing and Ben soon find out about this too. When he heard about a oat race, he knows that this is it for him as he would need to participate in it so that he would not only gain some experience in such a race, but a few bucks as a prize money.

In this game, the idea is that you need to deliver some key ingredients to the other dock. After that, you would need to do that again. However, that won’t be easy since you would also need to participate in a race, wherein other racers would compete for you in the top position. Remember that you would need to do this without your boat exploding. The game gets harder and more challenging as you participate in more races.

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