Ben 10 Vs Zombies Game 1

The whole world panicked as the zombies gets unleashed on the street. No one knows where they come from, but one thing is certain and that they are very dangerous. They are mindless, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t dangerous since they would eat and gobble up everything on their sight. They are fearsome since they can’t feel anything now that they are dead. They are the walking dead and each time they eat someone up, their number increases. These zombies are on would stop at nothing a killing spree and they kill and eat all till there are no more since everyone that they eat would become one of them. When Ben heard about them, he began investigating the anomaly and he encountered them.

In this game, the idea is to kill all zombies and you can do that either by killing them with a gun or a knife. You need to act fast whenever you see a zombie since there would be usually more and when that happened, it might be too late to stop them. You need to kill them immediately or else they would stop at nothing. To make sure that they won’t come at you at once, you need to kill them one at a time.

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