Ben 10: Turbo Racer

Ben is always dealing with alien, but we all know that life is not about dealing with aliens. There are things far better in battling those aliens. Aside from battling alien, Ben do like sports such as tennis, drag racing, and biking. All of those activities would make a healthy body and that is why, we should always engage in such activities. When we are young, we should try to strengthen ourselves by exercising lots and make sure that we have the strength to enjoy all the activity that we love. Ben need to practice countless hours as he needs to win the race that he would participate in.

In this game, the idea is to get to the finish line and you would need to pick some items along the way. These Ben 10 gadgets are needed to be collected within the minimum time frame. There are lots of level that you would need to get by. The game gets better and better as you make some progress through each level. You can’t get to the finish line if you are not able to pass levels after levels. Think you can survive the race and be able to get to the next level safely.

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