Ben 10: Kart Game

Ben Tennyson is the hero that you would call every time, you want to save someone being harassed by aliens. He has the Omnitrix, which has the power to transform him into the alien that he wanted to be. However, life is not about fighting as there are other more important things for us to do. For instance, we could join some racing event and enjoy our time in this world. That might not be appealing to some, but when there are some prize reward then it would be an interesting feat. So, when Ben heard about this, he quickly assembled a kart, which he would use in the race.

In this game, the rule is simple as you would just need to win the race. However, that might not be as easy as it sounds since there are other competitors in the race as well. Though, they are all operated by the computer, pretty sure that it won’t be easy to beat them. As if they have a mind of their own and they are ready to beat you if you are not up to it. You can blast your enemy to slow them down and so would they do the same thing to you.

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