Ben 10: Crash Car

Each one of us have their own dream and we need to do something that would make it a reality. When Ben found the Omnitrix, everyone thought that it is his dream, but becoming a hero is not a dream for yourself. In reality, Ben would like to be a racer someday, but since his power enable him to transform into an alien, his help is needed a lot of times. Driving his car, he found out that there are just too much crime on the road and he decided to become a vigilante to take out those thugs on the road.

In this game, the idea is to take out the targeted cars. You would need to bump them till they crash or else, they would forever remain on the race track and that won’t be good for you. There are no weapon on the road that you can use, except the body of your car. You would start with just two targets then as the game gets into a higher level, you would need to crash more cars. The game gets harder as you make some progress and you would need to keep that in mind. Do you think that this game is for you?

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