Ben 10: Power Shot 1

When Ben first got his Omnitrix, he wasn’t sure what was happening with his body as he just burst into flame. He thought that he was going to die that he would turn to crisppy in a matter of seconds. However, the burning never stops and he found out that he is still engulfed in flames. Somehow, he change into a human torch or something like that. After a few hours, he ruined back to his normal self and since then, he learned that he can change into more than 10 different aliens at a time. As time passes by, he learn more about his powers and has since use them to defeat evil aliens from outer space.

You might be expecting that you would change into an alien in this game, but that is not that case since you are just going to shoot something from your hand. The idea of this game is to shoot those aliens, but they aren’t really aliens as they are just mounted on something. They would keep falling from the sky and their numbers would be limitless. It has something to do with time. The game gets harder and more challenging each passing moment.

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