Ben 10 Super Archer Game

Ben was after a time traveling alien. So to say, he needed to go back in time so that he could catch the time travelling alien. He ended up in the medieval times, wherein he needed to enter an apple shooting contest. Else, he won’t get fed, but it won’t be easy since the arrow would be mounted at the head of the knight and Ben would need to shoot it. Ben knows the risk as he might shoot the knight holding the apple. If he fails then his head would be remove from his body. This is a life and death situation for Ben.

In this game, the idea is to shoot the apple, but if you think that it would be a breeze then think again since it would get harder and harder as you make some progress. The apple would be further and further as you make some progress. If you shoot the knight then all that you have you work for would be gone and you would start from the beginning. The game is played with a mouse and you won’t be able to control it with the keyboard. You need a stable hand to make some progress in this game.

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