Cannonbolt Strikes

Whenever Ben transforms into one of his alien, he gains their natural ability thus he becomes the alien itself. Don’t worry, if you are one his friends, he won’t be using it against you since you two are buddies. This is the reason why, you would need to a find a good buddy like Ben. Take for instance, Cannonbolt is one of his alien transformation and when he transform into this alien, he can transform into an iron ball and roll out his enemies. This is a formidable alien since he is like a cannonball and he can’t be stopped. The aliens opposing Ben would surely fear Ben for this.

In this game, the idea is to escape from the alien ship before it explodes. Take note that you would be Cannonbolt and you would need to roll out of the ship. It won’t be that easy since there are a lot of traps set aside by the aliens who did this. Enemies would be shooting at you, but you need to evade them as much as possible. If given the chance, you would need to attack them at all cost. Make sure that you don’t fall out of the platform since you would lose a life that way.

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