Ben 10 Rush 3D

Ben is an alien hunter as he have signed up for this job. There are only a few of them, who can do it. Others live faraway, so Ben couldn’t rely on them. He needed to utilize his powers and make use of shape shifting abilities to the full extent. Since, he got his powers, he wasn’t having any fun anymore and Grandpa Max got concerned and told Ben to have fun from time to time. A friend of him introduces him to the world of bike sports that Ben ever have in his entire life. Though, he goes to other planet, he never encountered like this before. He truly likes this sport and decided to get better at this.

In this game, you need to search for your enemies. You would know that they are your enemies since they would be highlighted to easily distinguished them form the rest. The idea here is not really to do battle, but to get to the finish line as fast as you can. There is a time limit and you do need to reach the finish line before the timer ends. The game gets better and better, so you would have a better game experience.

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