Ben 10: Ultimate Force 2

Ben was just a normal kid, who run into trouble. But, Ben is not easily scared as he is a brave boy. One day, he came across a weird watch and when he tried it on, he can’t get it off. He transformed into a burning guy and immediately burn the forest since he was running. He don’t know what to do, but son enough, the burning stops. Soon, he discovered the power of the Omnitrix and began mastering it. He can transform into more than 10 different aliens at a time. As he master how to use it he gain friends since he was helping a lot of people and other aliens.

In this game, you aren’t going to fight some aliens, but you are going to fight some huge animals grown in the lab by Dr. Animo. The idea here is not to fight the oversized animals, but to reach the finished line. Hence, you can do with just running alone. The game gets harder and more challenging as you make some progress. Each level would be different and the toughness of the level would get more intense. You can count on that the game would get a lot harder as you make some progress.

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