Ben 10 Alien Force Dress Up

Ben 10 is one of the world greatest heroes. He have been a hero since he was 10 years old. Everyone is familiar with how he gets his power when he was young. It all began one summer in a jungle. There, he found a mysterious watch. He wasn't aware of the power it posses, so he was shocked when his body change and he accidentally burned the forest because his body is on fire. That alerted not only the people, but his would be arch-nemesis, Vilgax. Since then, he is fighting with Vilgax. When he become a teenager, he finally defeated Vilgax, but the latter wasn't the only villain that would make things miserable for him. He have other powerful enemies, but that doesn't mean that he could look good while fighting them. Since, he is a teenager, he also need to make new friends and impress the girls. He need to be fashionable so the girls would adore him and getting a date won't be that hard anymore.

The game is played via mouse and you need to dress up Ben so he would look great. Choose the clothes that he would wear. His pants and other wear must fit his personality and his getup.

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