Ben10 Atomic Transporter

Ben 10's friends Kevin and Gwen are kidnapped. Vilgax is the one who kidnapped them and he wants ransom for their safe return.
Vilgax needs atomic energy containers for his evil plans and Ben10 has no other option than delivering them because his friends are in danger. If Ben uses the Omnitrix, Vilgax will kill Gwen and Kevin. Grandpa Max will help Ben 10 for the delivery to Vilgax's nuclear plant.
But you need to be careful because the road is rough and your nuclear cargo can fall off the truck.
You need to balance the truck and you need to be careful with your speed. Let's see if you can manage to deliver the cargo without any damage and save your friends.

Here is the controls to play Ben10 Atomic Transporter:
Accelerate: "Up Arrow"
Brake: "Down Arrow"
Balance Truck: "Left / Right Arrow"

Save your friends from Vilgax!

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