Ultimate Spider-man: Iron Spider

Spider man's enemies are many and unscrupulous. Their strength can be derived from particular electronic devices such as Dr. octopus or even by alien forces as Venom.But whatever the enemies Spiderman is always ready to tackle them all at once even as now in Ultimate Spiderman Iron Spider. Use your powers to jump from one wall to the other, but beware of the dangers that surround you. A game for those who love risk and adventure!

The instructions to play the game are as follows:
Walk: "Left / Right Arrow"
Jump: "Up Arrow"
Dash: "Double Left/Right Arrow"
Crawl: "Up/Down Arrow"
Attack/Web Shot: "X"
Web Swing: "C"
Teammate Backup: "Spacebar"

There are two extra moves you can do when you are iron spider, these are:
Double Jump: "Double Up Arrow"
Air Dash: "Double Left/Right Arrow" (only mid air)

Collect all the things you can and you will have a

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