Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Warrior

Ben 10 is in a city that is swarmed by aliens. But do not worry. Your friends are there to help you.
Constant waves of enemy aliens appear one after another. How long will you be able to keep up with their attacks?
You can turn into three of your friends and use their power as you please. Each has different characteristics and different powers.
There are three bars on the upper left corner of the screen. The first one is your health bar. If it is depleted you die so be careful to that. You life will regenerate over time.
The second bar is power bar, when it is full it can be activated to gain some new power.
The third bar is the special attack bar, when used it uses an ultimate attack to do heavy damage to nearby opponents.

The controls for the game are as follows:
Movement: "Arrow Keys"
Attack: "X"
Special Attack: "Z"
Power: "Spacebar"
It is time that you defend your city Ben10!
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