Ben 10 Halloween Night

Ben 10 is on the role of a witch. He took his whisk and begin to fly for cooking a delicious cake for Gwen. For this, he should collect all of pumpkins.
All the pumpkins that you collect you will gather 2 points. But on this way, you have to avoid from some obstacles or destroy them. If you can destroy them, you will win some points.
The dragons that you destroy give you 3 points, the bats 5 points and the ghosts 7 points. The sandglasses that you collected add 10 seconds on your time. The spheres you collected, give a chance for destroying all enemies on the screen.
Use your mouse for give a direction to Ben 10 and press on the left button for shooting on your enemies.For moving Ben 10, use the arrow keys or the keys A,D,S and W.

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